How to use MultiSwap

This guide is a walk-through of Fusion’s MultiSwap feature, which allows users to create swaps in a many-to-many fashion. Whether users want to send multiple assets to receive single asset, send single asset to receive multiple assets, or send and receive multiple assets — all are possible.

Make MultiSwap

To make a MultiSwap, create a swap in the Quantum Swap market, just as in single swap.

Both Send and Receive legs in the Make Swap entry screen have the new “Add Asset” option.

Click “Add Asset” to add a new swap leg. You can add unlimited number of different assets to your swap.

Note: MultiSwaps for USANs can not be created, though you can still create single swap for USAN.

Fill in the additional asset you want to exchange, just as in single swap. For example, I will send 0.5 SSOU tokens in addition to my 1 FSN.

Select the asset you want to receive, just as in single swap. For example, I want to receive 10 DAIs for my 1 FSN + 0.5 SSOU.

Number of Fills automatically calculates and adjusts the ratio for each asset swapped. For example, I set 10 fills for my order and minimum fill sizes are automatically calculated to be 1/10th of full swap size.

Review screens are updated with MultiSwap details.

Once swap has been made, users can check out their MultiSwap in the Quantum Swap market, which displays all legs of their swap.

Users can MultiSwap timelocks as well. Sophisticated swaps such as “future ladders” can easily be constructed using the MultiSwap.

Take MultiSwap

In the Quantum Swap markets, users can see and take MultiSwaps just as single swaps.

Takes can only take swaps where they have sufficient balance of assets for every asset that is being asked for in the MultiSwap. For example, if taker does not have sufficient asset balance for one asset out of three assets being asked for in MultiSwap, then taker can not take the swap.

Otherwise, taking a MultiSwap behaves exactly as a single swap.

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