Note : dcrm-sdk is considered beta software. We make no warranties or guarantees of its security or stability.*

Github repo: https://github.com/fsn-dev/dcrm-sdk


DCRM SDK is a distributed key generation and distributed signature module that forms the cornerstone of decentralized value exchange. This technology was developed for over a year, with the feedback of 4 leading cryptographers: Rosario Gennaro, Steven Goldfeder, Pascal Paillier, Louis Goubin.

When used in context of blockchain, this module can serve as a non-custodial solution, a keyless wallet, a component to an interoperable solution, and more. Please read the Wiki for more information.

This SDK allows you to connect to DCRM's network directly in either:

  1. a 2+1 configuration where you form a private group with 2 fusion nodes and your own node.

  2. a local configuration where you can set any ownership of nodes in your group.

This library contains 2 functions:

  1. Distributed key generation which returns the public key (dcrm_genPubkey)

  2. Distributed signing of transactions (dcrm_sign)


  1. Linux terminal

  2. Golang ^1.12

Setting Up

Clone The Repository

To get started, launch your terminal and download the latest version of the SDK.

mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/github.com/fsn-dev

cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/fsn-dev

git clone https://github.com/fsn-dev/dcrm-sdk.git


Next compile the code. Make sure you are in /dcrm-sdk directory.

cd dcrm-sdk && make

config file

cmd/conf.toml (bin/cmd/conf.toml)


Open access to the APIs by running the compiled code.


The gdcrm will provide two RPC APIs:

  1. dcrm_genPubkey

  2. dcrm_sign

The default RPC port is port 5559.


  1. If you want to call RPC API, please wait at least 2 minutes after running the node.

  2. If you want to call RPC API quickly more than once,please wait longer.



This API return a public key which distributed generated by the P2P network's nodes.




error - Error info.

pubkey - DCRM public key generated by the P2P network's nodes.


// Request

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type":application/json --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"dcrm_genPubkey","params":[],"id":67}'

// Result



This API return a signature which distributed signed by the P2P network's nodes.


  1. DATA,pubkey - the pubkey from dcrm_genPubkey returned.

  2. String,HexNumber - the message hash to be signed. The format is 32-bit hexadecimal string appended with prifex "0x". For example: 0x19b6236d2e7eb3e925d0c6e8850502c1f04822eb9aa67cb92e5004f7017e5e41.


error - Error info.

rsv - The signature string which distributed signed by the P2P network's nodes.


// Request

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type":application/json --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"dcrm_sign","params":["049ac626ee0f0f79a49d6ed37f14ff2ad4e4f45fddf6e5293bcaa6a607e5392b49dde27a8f0602e23bc5fa0b847bd28d46e2f2d1d0d8cf59514785e4276b28de9d","0x19b6236d2e7eb3e925d0c6e8850502c1f04822eb9aa67cb92e5004f7017e5e41"],"id":67}'

// Result


Run Local

The SDK can also be configured to run locally, where the user can control ownership of all nodes in the P2P network.

Run bootnode

./bin/cmd/bootnode --genkey ./bootnode.key

./bin/cmd/bootnode --nodekey ./bootnode.key --addr :5550 --group 0 --nodes 3

will print bootnode which use for run node with args --bootnodes bootnode key such as enode://16ab118525ec559dde2640b513676b8df7368aac3a80cc5c9d9e8b9c71781c09103fe3e8b5dd17bf245f0c71b891ec4848b142852763ab2146a1e288df15da40@

The default bootnode parameters are:

  1. addr: 5550

  2. group: 0 (group mode)

  3. nodes: 3 (group's nodes number)

Run nodes (3 nodes at least)

The Default setup parameters are:

  1. nodekey: node.key

  2. rpcport: 5559

  3. port: 5551

  4. bootnodes: "enode://16ab118525ec559dde2640b513676b8df7368aac3a80cc5c9d9e8b9c71781c09103fe3e8b5dd17bf245f0c71b891ec4848b142852763ab2146a1e288df15da40@"

Note: If you want to reboot a node, please wait 1 minute after closing node before restarting the node.

Setup the node's key:

./bin/cmd/gdcrm --genkey node1.key

./bin/cmd/gdcrm --genkey node2.key

./bin/cmd/gdcrm --genkey node3.key

Start three nodes with custom parameters:

./bin/cmd/gdcrm --rpcport 9011 --bootnodes "enode://16ab118525ec559dde2640b513676b8df7368aac3a80cc5c9d9e8b9c71781c09103fe3e8b5dd17bf245f0c71b891ec4848b142852763ab2146a1e288df15da40@" --port 12341 --nodekey "node1.key"

./bin/cmd/gdcrm --rpcport 9012 --bootnodes "enode://16ab118525ec559dde2640b513676b8df7368aac3a80cc5c9d9e8b9c71781c09103fe3e8b5dd17bf245f0c71b891ec4848b142852763ab2146a1e288df15da40@" --port 12342 --nodekey "node2.key"

./bin/cmd/gdcrm --rpcport 9013 --bootnodes "enode://16ab118525ec559dde2640b513676b8df7368aac3a80cc5c9d9e8b9c71781c09103fe3e8b5dd17bf245f0c71b891ec4848b142852763ab2146a1e288df15da40@" --port 12343 --nodekey "node3.key"

After bootnode and three nodes started, use curl connect to the node's rpc port, test dcrm_genPubkey and dcrm_sign APIs.

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