Journey to Interoperability

Industry Adoption of DCRM with a ’plug and play’ TSS module

The Fusion Foundation was founded in 2018 to create a borderless and connected financial system existing in the digital space. From the onset, Fusion focused on a fundamental piece needed for such a system: a cross-chain and cross-system solution known as Distributed Control Rights Management (DCRM).

DCRM 5.0 is released as an open-source implementation. This version provides a flexible module for businesses and individuals to innovate in an environment and workflow of their choosing.

With this release, Fusion remains true to its open-source commitment, leveraging the network effects of the community to accelerate innovation for the world.

Why Interoperability Matters

The importance of interoperability has been covered thoroughly in other publications. In summary, the possibilities of blockchain are only fully realized if the blockchain is connected to everything and accessible by everyone. Yet, with thousands of projects building blockchain ecosystems that only work in their own silos, the blockchain industry is creating the exact fragmented landscape that it was meant to replace.

Interoperable solutions provide the bridge to connect these silos, so that data and value can be exchanged freely. Instead of “chain maximalism” (join my chain or perish), interoperability creates an ecosystem where every chain’s strengths can be leveraged by each other, and for each other.

In Summary

The Foundation still believes in a vision of decentralized finance and is constantly working to get us closer to that vision. However, it understands also that the step to decentralized finance cannot be taken as one big leap. It requires various smaller steps to help the world first understand and second get comfortable with not just new technology, but completely new ways of thinking and operating.

With DCRM 5.0, Fusion is providing a step towards the future with a crucial interoperable solution in a module designed to help businesses adopt and innovators to build.

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