Create your own FRC20

This is a bit more advanced (but no harder than doing it on Ethereum!) and requires you to deploy code outside an easy to use app or wallet. The current advantage is that you can easily use it to create your own LP-contract on AnySwap, which in turn ties your token to the whole crypto market, giving it actual value (assuming someone gives it liquidity).

How to deploy a FRC20 contract?

To deploy you can use while connected to the Fusion mainnet with Metamask. The code to deploy is easily forked from the ANY-token contract. this code into a file and call it TheNameOfYourToken.sol. There are a couple of things you need to change in the contract. These are:

  1. "AnySwapToken" into "TheNameOfYourToken" on line 595.

  2. "AnySwap" into "YourProjectName" on line 597.

  3. "ANY" into "YourTickerName" on line 597.

  4. "1e26" on line 599 into "YourTokenSupply" (Where 1e18 = 1 token, 1e19 = 10 tokens 1e20 = 100 tokens, etc).

Once these edits are done, you can begin to reconfigure Remix to fix Fusion. 1. "Enviornment" should be "injected Web3" 2. "Compiler" should be "0.5.4" and 3. "Evm version" should be Byzantium.

After these changes are made upload put everything in TheNameOfYourToken.sol and compile this code.

Once done you're ready to deploy. Deploying will come with many options. Pick the "TheNameOfYourToken.sol" option.


​Now, check out your deployed contract through your associated wallet. Then get yourself to AnySwap and search for this contract in the manual search fields in the "Create Exchange" option under "Pool". This is where you can create your very own LP-contract for your token.

​This won't make it automatically easy to find on AnySwap though. For this you will need AnySwap to offivcially add your token. But even without official listing you can add liquidity to the contract by manually searching for it in the manual search fields in the token choosing menus all over AnySwap. Once you search for the token, it will appear in AnySwap display without a coin icon for a limited amount of time. If it dissapears and you need to get to it again, just search for it again.

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