Chain data

RPC gateways (mainnet Chain ID in HEX= 0x7f93 in decimals = 32659]) - the keys to connecting wallets to the Fusion mainnet.

RPC gateways (testnet ChainID in HEX= 0xB660 in decimals = 46688)

Fusion Block Explorers - Explore all kinds of on-chain transactions

FSNEX https://fsnex.com/ - A complete Explorer for the Fusion Blockchain with full overview of all assets.
fsn365 https://www.fsn365.com/ - Another great Fusion block explorer, also with full overview.
https://blocks.fusionnetwork.io/#!/dashboard - The old explorer with many flaws, but has overview also of the Fusion testnet.

AnySwap Sister Chain ID and RPC gateways - the keys to connecting to other networks where FSN exists.

Ethereum, Chain ID = 1, RPC = https://ethmainnet.anyswap.exchange, Explorer = https://etherscan.io
Binance Smart Chain, Chain ID = 56, RPC = https://bsc.dataseed1.binance.org, Explorer = https://bscscan.com
Huobi Eco Chain, Chain ID = 128, RPC = https://http-mainnet.hecochain.com, Explorer = https://scan.hecochain.com
Fantom Opera, Chain ID = 250, RPC = https://rpcapi.fantom.network, Explorer = https://ftmscan.com

Swap Gateways - How to move FSN between networks

Mainnet Token Swap - If you still have the old erc20 FSN, here is the guide to make it mainnet.
BNB Bridge - If you have the old bep2 FSN you can make it into the old erc20 FSN here Mainnet Token Swap to get it to mainnet.
AnySwap Bridge - Can be used to get FSN between the mainnet and all the sister chains.
Fusion Mining - All manner of great statistics regarding Fusion Staking.
Coinstats - A general Blockchain data site comparing adoption of blockchains, which scores Fusion at the top.
AnyswapInfo - The most complete place regarding information on liquidity yields on AnySwap.
Staking Calculator - Get a basic idea of the interest you can expect if you stake FSN.
Node Monitor - A basic overview of Fusion nodes.
FOSC - Fusion community github, where most things happen
Fusion Foundation - The original github
Awesome Fusion - A great collection of Fusion links
AnySwap - The AnySwap github