Key problems to be solved

The problems for the FUSION project to solve is:

FUSION will create a public chain to use distributed nodes to control the private keys of various tokens and in this way, it will not only map various blockchain tokens to it, but will also achieve the function of cross-chain smart contracts.

FUSION will also provide interfaces to communicate off-chain organizations and data sources so that it will greatly improving interoperability and scalability of the current Internet of Values and making itself an inclusive cryptofinance platform that serves the Internet of Values.

To solve this problem, we need to solve the following sub-problems:

First, interoperability. To map tokens to the FUSION’s public chain by putting their private keys under the control of FUSION’s distributed nodes and in this way all the tokens acquire interoperability in the same blockchain.

Second, scalability. To provide interfaces of tokenization for off-chain assets and data by putting these assets and data under the management of centralized organizations, and in this way smart contracts on blockchains, to communicate with real world values and data.

Finally, usability. To accommodate the large number of tokens in it, FUSION needs to improve FUSION performance by making full use of distributed nodes to do distributed parallel computing. In fact, there are still many issues to be solved in our vision, and the FUSION project will evolve as these issues are resolved.

The goal of FUSION is to use blockchain technology to build an infrastructure platform to run the crypto-financial applications and on the platform multiple types of tokens will be able to freely interact through smart contracts to achieve value interoperability.

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