AnySwap is most amazing DEX in the whole crypto verse and the only one that exists on multiple blockchains. Currently AnySwap exists not only on Fusion, but also on Ethereum, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain and Huobi Eco Chain. AnySwap has been cross-chain for a long time while other projects are still only talking about it.

With AnySwap you can bridge assets between these chains, and you can provide liquidity for the assets matching any asset against each chains native asset (FSN, ETH, FTM BNB and HT).

Certain assets have been brought to all the chains. These are ANY, aFSN, aETH, aBTC, aLTC and aUSDT. So regardless of which chain you act on these assets should be available. Each chain also has a number of other assets on them, and you can bridge a not already bridged asset by creating a proposal @ . To do this you currently must have 1000 ANY on Fusion.

Basically the entire crypto verse lie at your fingertips through AnySwap if you want to provide liquidity between any two tokens on any chain, it can be done. And as long as the liquidity you would want to give is significant AnySwaps founder @Zhaojun_sh is usually ready to make it happen.

Eventually automation in bridge creation should help AnySwap expand much faster, and people can bridge new tokens all on their own. AnySwap also aims to make routing tokens between the different networks much easier than it is now in a way where it will feel like you could have your token available on any of the networks whenever you want. Currently though moving assets between networks is relatively expensive and unsmooth, but the fact that it's even possible is great. And for projects on Ethereum where use of a SwapDEX is simply becoming too expensive, this should be fabulous news.

AnySwap needs liquidity providers in all kinds of pairings more than anything to prosper. So if you have more than one token you like, consider exploring the idea of creating liquidity between them and hopefully earning some fees doing it.

ANY token

ANY is the native token of Anyswap. ANY is running on the Fusion network.

Below are useful AnySwap links that will help you get started: - AnySwap itself - Full documentation on how to use AnySwap - Detailed info on every pairing - The AnySwap governance voting portal -The AnySwap Telegram - The AnySwap Video channel

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