Python Web3 library - web3fsnpy

What is Web3fsnpy?

web3fsnpy is a python library for interacting with Fusion. Its API is derived from the and Web3.js Javascript API and should be familiar to anyone who has used which it extends. It mirrors Fusion’s web3-fusion-extend Javascript library in its functionality.

By creating a pythonic version of the API for it’s blockchain, Fusion Foundation has made it possible to easily unlock all the functionality that makes Fusion unique. With only single function calls, a user can now create assets, send tokens, or generate time locks to unlock the time value of assets and other cryptocurrencies locked in to Fusion’s blockchain.

Because python is easy to learn and is platform independent, every user now has access to Fusion’s features and can combine them with every other python module, including math and scientific modules, specialist financial modules, to assist them in developing feature rich applications.

Read the docs

You can find the documentation and coding examples here.

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